People with Pisces placements are often generalized as the most empathetic and whimsical of all the emotionally charged water signs.

Represented by two fish and aligned with those born between mid-February and -March, the Pisces are emotionally aware while maintaining a sense of otherworldly wonder. One prominent member of Odd Future falls under this mystical astrology sign. Tyler, the Creator, was born on Mar. 6. 1991, in L.A.—giving him a double-dose of water with a Pisces sun and Scorpio moon.

In celebration of Tyler, the Creator and Pisces season, let's reflect on how this OFWGKTA icon exemplifies Piscean energy through his exploits. 

Since Tyler, the Creator, is most widely known as a musician, it'd be appropriate to kick off the list by discussing some of his artistry.

Tyler made his solo debut with his Goblin album about four years after Odd Future's formation. Some of the most successful tracks off this project were "She," "Sandwitches," and "Yonkers," and all three of these songs are artistically centered around dark themes—including violence, stalking and generally creepy vibes.

This instantly helped solidify Tyler, the Creator's reputation as an irreverent artist who was all about using his creativity to evoke reactions within his audiences. While many found his output troubling, it also served as a form of escapism for some fans—allowing them to lose themselves in content that doesn't shy away from exploring the grittier aspects of reality.

From the jump, this exemplifies Piscean's energy in his use of his craft to create content that exists at the intersection between hyperviolent emotions and whimsy.

This aesthetic also unsurprisingly spilled over into his music videos, with perhaps the most infamous example being his "Yonkers" visuals. In the 3-minute video, Tyler shows himself playing with cockroaches, vomiting, donning blacked-out eyes and even hanging himself. 

Again, this helped Tyler, the Creator, gain a reputation for giving his fans vivid, shocking experiences with his craft. Since Pisceans are stereotypically overemotional, it's almost as if Tyler is trying to conjure up such reactions in fans with his work.

Tyler doesn't solely explore themes of whimsical darkness through his craft, as he showed a softer side of him through later works—at least when compared to his Goblin days.

His 2017 Flower Boy project is described as being "rife with anxiety and isolation" while still featuring open-hearted lyricism and—as Blavity previously reported—his 2019 IGOR album "encompasses the emotional rollercoaster associated with a breakup." Similarly, his 2021 CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST compilation is full of self-awareness, particularly in the second half of the album.

While Pisces placements may be known to be overemotional at times, they're also seen as one of the most empathetic and artistic signs and Tyler, the Creator, exhibits this within his evolution.

At this point, it's worth mentioning that Pisces placements are generalized as being otherworldly and different, aka "the most difficult people to understand." With his overall aesthetic and musical output, it's not hard for someone to see Tyler as weird—and his other media pursuits help solidify this even more.

Tyler, the Creator, was heavily involved with two Adult Swim shows: Loiter Squad and The Jellies. Additionally, he was involved in a series called Nuts & Bolts, in which he learns about and re-creates various products he enjoys. 

This OFWGKTA Pisces loves to be uniquely creative with projects outside of music, allowing him to express himself further and bring joy to fans.

Tyler's Piscean strangeness also shined through while showing love to Frank Ocean after he publicly came out as bisexual.

"Finally Fucking Sus Boy @frank_ocean Hahahaha, You Still Aint Got No Bitches Hahaha My N***a Dawg," Tyler tweeted back in 2012.

"My Big Brother Finally Fucking Did That. Proud Of That N***a Because That Shit Is Difficult Or Whatever. Anyway. I'm A Toilet," he lovingly added.

Similarly, Tyler, the Creator, shared more supportive—and strange—sentiments during a later interview.

"I kinda knew [Frank Ocean was bi] because he likes Pop-Tarts without frosting on them, so I knew something was weird. But that's my n***a," he memorably stated.

In short: Tyler, like a true Pisces, is both weird and affirming—emotionally intelligent while simultaneously being enigmatic.

On top of all these reasons, Tyler, the Creator, exemplifies Pisces energy in the best possible way: unapologetically being his authentic self.

Happy Pisces season!