Did you know the iconic Soul Food scene with Vanessa Williams was improvised? According to The Root, the scene includes Williams saying, “Oh, f— the family! I let the family into my house, and you know what? The family f—ed my husband.”

In a Savage Chat Series interview, Williams said that the line was completely made up on the spot.

“So, the great thing about working with people that are undiscovered and have that fire in the belly,” she said. “[W]hen we worked on Soul Food, George [Tillman Jr.] was a new director…this was something that he wrote about his family. So getting a chance to work with George, a young director and writer, on the set, I was like ‘Let’s try this, let’s go for that, let’s do it.”

“I’m not a mentor, but I loved supporting him and his choices,” Williams continued. “And I said, ‘Let me go for this’ and he’s like, ‘Go ahead!'”

A Twitter user posted the clip of the interview below.

The full interview is also embedded below.


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