To the surprise of many, Vice President-Elect Mike Pence attended tonight’s performance of the hit musical “Hamilton” on Broadway, and, maybe not so surprisingly, upon his entrance, as he was led to his seat, he was met with rather uproarious and extended boos (but also some cheers) from the packed house!

Seemingly unfazed, the VP-Elect sat and apparently enjoyed the show. Whether he was there because he really wanted to be, or if this was all part of a marketing effort to *normalize* him (given that he’s one of America’s most extreme anti-gay elected officials), I can’t say with any certainty.

But after the performance ended, the cast of the show, following their curtain call, took the opportunity with Pence still present to address him directly, maybe to his surprise.

Thankfully the moment, led by current “Hamilton” star Brandon Victor Dixon, was recorded by several attendees and shared on social media. Watch the clip below (it ends abruptly, so this clip, which is the longer I could find, probably doesn’t have the entire address, but hopefully most of it):