nullHer current work, which is also her feature film directorial debut, titled "Honeytrap" – previously highlighted on this blog – made its world premiere at the BFI London Film Festival last month (read our review of it here), as it begins its worldwide tour. But before it crosses the pond, check out her 2010 award-winning short film, "Top Girl," which the filmmaker has made available online.

A 10-year industry veteran, writer/director Rebecca Johnson’s "trademark style" includes utilizing drama workshops with non-actors from the communities in which her films are set, to generate material and elicit incredibly naturalistic performances from usually young, untrained actors – a method she employed in making "Top Girl."

Set in Brixton, South London, and shot using a cast of new and non-actors, "Top Girl" is a coming of age tale about fearless 15-year-old Donna and her best friend Felicia, who set off on a mission to find Legz, a 20 year old with a recording studio in the bedroom of his mom’s apartment. The idea is for Donna to MC on a track, but events, as you’d expect, don’t go as to planned.

To say anymore would be to spoil the film for you; so watch it in full below.

Its cast includes: Rumbi Mautsi, Naomi J. Lewis, Alexis Rodney, Jay Brown, and Kerron Darby.