Amma Asante

Not often do we get film directors speak publicly about other things beyond films and filmmaking, so this is a change from the usual.
In October, Amma Asnate, the writer and director of last year’s much acclaimed film "Belle," gave a talk at the TED conference in the Brixton community in London, which starts off with her sharing her struggles of being a black woman director in the film business; However, it soon evolves into a broader discussion about, as she calls it, "the pressure to live up to a definition bestowed upon her; one that did not match her own self definition." She elaborates on how she successfully dealt with that pressure. 
In other words, life can be tough, which is no surprise; especially if you don’t fit the profile of what is expected from a person of color. But if you learn to truly know and be confident in who you are, and gain strength from your own past experiences, you can surmount anything thrown in your way.
Well, at least that’s how I interpret what she says. Watch her TED Talk below and interpret it for yourself. It’s just the kind of inspiration you need to end the week on high note.