Here’s episode 2 of newly-launched digital network Enchant TV’s first series, “Compersion,” a scripted drama created, written and directed by Jackie J. Stone, starring Jammie Patton (“Coldwater”) and Derrick Lemont (“Confirmation”), that follows the journey of a couple exploring polyamory.

Episode 1 premiered 2 weeks ago with the launch of Enchant TV. Read up on this new digital network, its creator and what you can expect from it, below, followed by the first episode, which is embedded at the bottom of this post.

Immediately below is episode 1: When Keena tries to reconcile with Josh, he shuts her down, but she may just find unexpected solace in Grace’s substitute teacher.



In case you haven’t been paying attention, content creators of today are becoming more and more enterprising, taking full control of their careers – as they should. And filmmaker Jackie J. Stone (whose wonderful short film “If I Leap” – starring Adepero Oduye, and shot by Bradford Young – was featured on this blog a few years ago) is doing just that, launching a new digital channel called Enchant TV, which will be housed on YouTube.

The network officially launched yesterday in Hollywood, with the premiere of its first original series, “Compersion,” a scripted drama created by Ms. Stone, starring Jammie Patton (“Coldwater”) and Derrick Lemont (“Confirmation”), that follows the journey of a couple exploring polyamory. It was screened last night at the network’s launch event.

Stone’s vision for Enchant TV is “to be home to dynamic and creative programming that highlights the complexities and the rich and diverse stories of people of color, particularly women.”

Stone, who took on the roles of writer, director, producer and editor of the series, came up with the idea of Compersion when she met someone in an open marriage. “There were two people who decided that they wanted to be committed in marriage, but also wanted to explore other connections,” she said.  “They weren’t swingers, they didn’t have many lovers, but each one had a significant other who they cared for, & they were able to keep their marriage intact.”

The series only took nine days to shoot, but Stone wanted to make sure she explored the “romantic entanglements and complications of not only falling in love with someone other than your spouse, but being committed to have a deeper, meaningful relationship.”

The digital network’s next original series is expected to launch in the final quarter of 2016.

To subscribe to Enchant TV and watch “Compersion,” visit You can also follow the network on Twitter (@TheEnchantTV) and on Facebook (

Episode 1 of “Compersion” is now available on the Enchant TV YouTube channel (watch it here), with new episodes premiering every other Wednesday, coining #EnchantedWednesdays.

A teaser is embedded below: