Lifelong best friends Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are taking their friendship to the web in the form of new monthly web series The OG Chronicles.

The series, named for the first letters in Winfrey and King’s names, puts their decades-long friendship on center stage as they answer questions from Oprah Magazine readers. The first episode in the series, which is up on, is all about dating and relationships.

Each episode, King and Winfrey reveal personal things about themselves, and since this month’s episode was about relationships, there are some things revealed that you might not ever want to know, such as King wearing Saran wrap to try to spice things up with her husband, or that Winfrey’s partner Stedman really loves her cornbread. But, even still, it’s a fun webisode that makes Winfrey and King even more personable.

Watch the video below.



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