Sundance Now Doc Club
Sundance Now Doc Club

Check out the below new, timely short film from writer/director Sheldon Candis (“LUV”), presented by the Sundance Now Doc Club, which examines America’s love affair and easy accessibility to guns.

The piece, titled “Who Will Survive America,” is part of Sundance Now Doc Club’s “Take 5: Justice own America” initiative, which is a collection of short films that tackle today’s hot-button issues, featuring originally commissioned work from filmmakers with a passion for impactful, socially conscious storytelling.

Summary: A person is killed by a gun every 17 minutes in America. Atlanta now has the same per capita gun murder rate as all of South Africa. Polls show that the majority of Americans find this unacceptable and support stricter gun laws. Yet tragedy after tragedy, nothing happens. In “Who Will Survive America,” filmmaker Sheldon Candis examines the process of legally purchasing a gun by buying one himself.

“I love America. I love my country. I love where I’m from and who I am and it saddens my heart and my sensibility as a human being to feel that somehow we’re losing responsibility for each other,” says Candis. “I think that my job as a filmmaker is not only to entertain but also to educate. And listen, I’m not saying you have to be for guns or not for guns. The intent of the film is to just say, can we all agree that maybe it shouldn’t be this easy to acquire a gun in America?”

Watch “Who Will Survive America” below: