"Nine Rides"Here’s a teaser trailer for Matthew A. Cherry’s next feature film titled "Nine Rides," wrapped up principal photography in Los Angeles last month.

Per a press release, the first feature film shot exclusively with the new iPhone 6s, "Nine Rides" is set in Los Angeles and stars Dorian Missick as an Uber driver who gets life changing news on New Year’s Eve, and the 9 different groups of people he gives rides to that night. It is

“Dorian is a great actor who I’ve wanted to work with for awhile,” says director Matthew A. Cherry, “so it was a great to be able to finally collaborate with him on this project.”

Joining Missick in the film’s cast are Omar Dorsey, Robinne Lee, Xosha Roquemore, Amin Joseph, Skye P. Marshall, former NFL player Thomas Q. Jones, Andra Fuller, Nadine Ellis, Aasha Davis, Sujata Day, and Tracie Thoms.

“The film was shot without a conventional script so it was important to work with actors who were comfortable with being asked to improv, and they all delivered,” said the director.

On filming exclusively with the iPhone 6s, cinematographer Richard Vialet said: “Most of the film takes place in a car, so we decided early on that shooting it on iPhones would give us the most freedom.

Writer/director Cherry adds: "We were all inspired by ‘Tangerine’ and wanted to further the conversation that shooting a film in this manner was a viable option for other filmmakers… and with the iPhone 6, we were able to shoot in 4k.”

"Tangerine" was filmed using 3 iPhone 5s phones.

"Nine Rides" (Cherry’s follow-up to his 2012 debut "The Last Fall" which starred Lance Gross and Nicole Beharie, and premiered at the SXSW Film Festival) is produced by Jerome Caldwell for JCaldwell Productions, Matthew Keene Smith for Twice Told Films, and Datari Turner for Datari Turner Productions.

Matthew A. Cherry, Natasha Ward, Jaia A. Thomas, Monica A. Young and Vaughn Gill also serve as producers.

Casting was done by Natasha Ward.

Watch the teaser trailer below: