Shadow And Act has an exclusive clip from the documentary, We Are The Radical Monarchs, which debuted at SXSW this year and is showing at Inside Out LGBT Film Festival soon.

The film is about two queer women living in Oakland who wanted to create a space that focused on the experience of young girls of color and formed a Girl Scouts-inspired troop called The Radical Monarchs.

Here’s the official synopsis: A group of tween girls chant into megaphones holding clenched fists high and showcasing colorful badges sporting the words, “Black Lives Matter” and “Radical Beauty.” Meet the first troop of Radical Monarchs, a group of young girls of colour who are standing at the front lines of social justice. Set in Oakland, We Are the Radical Monarchs documents, over a three-year period, an alternative movement to the Girl Scouts. Its members earn badges for completing social justice units that incorporate being an LGBTQ ally, environmental activism, and disability justice. The group, started by two queer women of color, is anchored in the belief that girls of color need dedicated spaces and a foundation that is rooted in fierce, interdependent sisterhood, self-love and hope. This dynamic film follows the first troop of Radical Monarchs and chronicles the co-founders’ struggle to develop, expand and advance the organization and their mission to create and inspire a new generation of social justice activists.

The exclusive clip shows the kids speaking to a former Black Panther member about the state of the world today vs. then. Watch it below:



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Photo: SXSW