Well, it was fun while it lasted, but as predicted two weeks ago Avengers: Infinity War has now surpassed Black Panther in worldwide box office totals. As of Sunday, Infinity War has grossed just under $1.607 billion, beating out Black Panther, which has grossed $1.341 billion worldwide.

As of now, Infinity War is the fifth-biggest grossing film worldwide ever and will be fourth by next weekend.

However, there still is a question has to whether Infinity War can beat Black Panther domestically. This weekend, Infinity War was still No. 1 again for the third weekend in a row, pulling $61.8 million this weekend with a total of $527.8 million. But keep in mind, this weekend’s numbers are a 46 percent dropoff from last week’s b.o. numbers which were a 55 percent dropoff from its record-breaking weekend with the biggest domestic box opening ever for any film.

Black Panther however never dropped as big as Infinity War did on a weekly basis and was pretty steady during its run. In fact, for the fifteenth straight week in a row, it’s still in the top ten weekend b.o. list with a total of $696 million and will reach $700 million by next week. At the rate Infinity War is going, it is not going to top or even match Black Panther‘s run in the top ten weekend list. And though it could match box office total domestic numbers, it will be a struggle.

And next week two heavy hitters come into the competition that will knock off Infinity War off its pedestal. First, there’s Deadpool 2 which opens this Friday and which is already getting some very enthusiastic responses from those who have seen it saying it’s crazier, “hard R,” bloodier and more outrageous than the first film with “the best post-credits sequence ever.” Some are saying that it could be the biggest-grossing R rated film ever, making over a $1 billion worldwide topping the previous Deadpool film which grossed just under $800 million worldwide and still is the current biggest R-rated grossing film worldwide.

Then the weekend after that comes Solo: A Star Wars Story, co-starring the hotter than hot Donald Glover as a young Lando. Already advance word is very positive about the film considering serious misgivings due to all the well-reported production chaos on the movie including the replacement of the original directors with veteran director Ron Howard over halfway into shooting. In addition, there are reports that the film in some places was already outselling Black Panther in advance tickets sales and advance box office. predictions have Solo with a $170 million domestic opening.

In second place was the Melissa McCarthy comedy Life of the Party for Warners, which came in with $18.5 million but close on its heels in third was the PG-13 safe suspense thriller Breaking In starring Gabrielle Union, in a rare lead role for her, and which made $16.5 million. That figure already makes it a box office hit for Universal since the thriller cost a paltry $6 million to make, once again proving that films that appeal to black women can’t lose!

And still holding up very steady with just a 17 percent dropoff off from last week is the horror film, A Quiet Place which held on for fifth place with $169.5 million on its way to over $200 million which is a pretty good haul for the modestly budgeted $17 million film.

Full list:

1) Avengers: Infinity War BV $61,817,000 Total: $547,829,103
2) Life of the Party WB (NL) $18,500,000
3) Breaking In Uni. $16,500,000
4) Overboard PNT $10,100,000 Total: $29,593,977
5) A Quiet Place Par. $6,400,000 Total: $169,552,634
6) I Feel Pretty STX $3,710,000 Total: $43,856,576
7) Rampage WB (NL) $3,380,000 Total: $89,744,663
8) Tully Focus $2,240,000 Total: $6,980,060
9) Black Panther BV $1,932,000 Total: $696,186,611
10) RBG Magn. $1,165,000 Total: $2,002,767
11) Blockers Uni. $1,130,000 Total: $58,140,635
12) Isle Of Dogs FoxS $1,050,000 Total: $29,929,374