Wendy Williams is catching flack for confusing the famous Mowry twins. While Tia appeared on the show for a recent interview to discuss her Netflix comedy Family Reunion among other projects, Williams let it slip which twin she was speaking with.

She asked Mowry-Hardrict about her time as a talk show host, despite Tia not having the role. Tamera however spent seven years as a co-host on The Real. 

“Did you like being a talk show host?” she asked Tia.

Luckily, Tia didn’t take offense and quickly cleared things up.

“Did I like being a talk show host? Wait. How. That’s Tamera. I’m not a talk show host,” she said. “Wendy, you have known us for so long. You know Tamera is the one with the mole. I don’t have on a mole.”

Fans took to Twitter to blast Williams for not knowing which twin she was speaking with.

Williams has stated multiple times that she loves Tia and Tamera so that mix-up could have been an honest mistake.