Recent court documents reveal that once Wendy Williams couldn’t host her nationally syndicated TV show due to health reasons during its 2021-2022 season, her $10 million annual salary, or $55,000 an episode, was cut off.

In a court filing obtained by The U.S. Sun, Williams agreed that she would distribute monthly payments to her former husband, Kevin Hunter, who was also her business partner while married, following their divorce. He’s now demanding to get the money, but the celebrity gossip host’s attorney stated that she hasn’t had income from The Wendy Williams Show since October 2021.

“On October 15, 2021 plaintiff was informed by Talk WW that her contract was being suspended and that no compensation shall accrue or be payable to plaintiff for the duration of plaintiff’s disability and incapacity,” her attorney wrote, according to Meaww.

In addition, the 58-year-old’s lawyer quoted the settlement agreement that she and Hunter made in January 2020.

“If, for any reason, [Plaintiffs] contract with Talk WW is not renewed and/or is otherwise suspended, canceled, or terminated and [Plaintiff] does not have any other television show being aired and paying her an equivalent salary, [Defendant] understands and agrees that all Severance Payment shall be subject to either termination or modification,” the former talk show host’s attorney stated.

Since Williams stopped hosting her show in September, her attorney stated that she hadn’t been paid in over a year and that “she presently has no other television show being aired and paying her any income, let alone an equivalent salary.”

Her absence from the show began in September, the beginning of the fall 2021 season, and just a few days later she was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation. Earlier this year, in January, it was reported that Wells Fargo froze her accounts due to her allegedly being “of unsound mind,” The U.S. Sun reports. Following this decision, the former radio personality entered into a financial conservatorship.

Because there was concern about Williams’ mental health and alleged alcoholism, she went to rehab for two months in Malibu, California, to treat “severe alcoholism,” The U.S. Sun reports. While Williams had once said she was living a sober lifestyle, she later was allegedly a part of several public incidents that involved alcohol.

After being absent the entire 2021-2022 season, The Wendy Williams Show‘s production company, Debmar-Mercury, made a public announcement that the popular talk hour would come to an end in June. To replace the show, the Fox network offered actress Sherri Shepherd the time slot for her new morning show.

After the National Radio Hall of Famer’s accounts were frozen, she was placed on financial guardianship and she currently receives no clear income, The U.S. Sun reports. Williams announced on Instagram in July that she would be launching a podcast, which she plans to debut soon.