Tyler Perry has proven that he’s here to stay. Perry is beloved amongst fans for his boisterous, gun-toting, wisdom-giving Madea character. But some have criticized Perry’s work, likening it to “coonery and buffoonery” (Spike Lee), as well as critics who say his work feeds into negative stereotypes about the Black community. There’s also the fact that Perry has written, directed and produced most of his content without the assistance of a writers’ rooms.

But many would argue that Perry’s good outweighs his bad. Perry is credited with reviving the careers of legacy actors, such as Cicely Tyson, who struggled to find quality work in the latter half of her career. He’s also given unknowns a shot, including Idris Elba, whom Perry put in his first lead role in Daddy’s Little Girls. Taraji P. Henson has credited Perry with paying her the first six-figure salary of her career.

It’s a no-brainer that Perry contributes to Black culture in his own way, and with his Tyler Perry Studios location, which he fully funded on his own, there’s no doubt that this will continue. And Whether you are a fan of Perry’s work, he does well at the box office.

Here are 5 of Perry’s highest-grossing films:

Madea Goes to Jail ($90.5 million)

Released in 2009, the film chronicles Madea going to prison. While there, she befriends a young incarcerated prostitute (Keisha Knight Pulliam) that a popular assistant district attorney has close ties to. 

Madea Family Funeral ($75.8 million)

The 2009 comedy-drama follows Madea and her old lady gang as they travel to a family reunion where they find themselves unexpectedly having to plan a funeral that uncovers deep family secrets.

Boo! A Madea Halloween ($74.8 million)

Released in 2016, Madea keeps a watchful eye on the misadventures of her great-niece during Halloween weekend. The film stars X Factor singer, Diamond White.

Madea’s Witness Protection ($65 million)

When a Wall Street investment banker is sent to witness protection amid being set up as the leader of a Ponzi scheme, he and his family struggle to adapt to life at Madea’s southern home and rules. The film stars Denise Richards and Eugene Levy. The film was released in 2014.

Madea’s Family Reunion ($63,257,940)

The 2006 film stars Lynn Whitfield, Blair Underwood, Boris Kodjoe and more. While planning her family reunion, Madea must tend to family drama, as well as the needs of a troubled-teen placed in her care.