If you’re a movie buff or cinephile with $9.95 to spare on a monthly basis, MoviePass is probably your go-to subscription service to have upcoming films at your disposal for an affordable price. However, the subscription service should be shaking and quaking in its boots at the prospect of having a new competitor in the form of AMC Theaters.

The movie theater chain has announced its new monthly subscription plan called AMC Stubs A-List. Under AMC Stubs A-List, subscribers will be able to watch up to three movies every week for $19.95 per month. While this price may seem steep for many, especially subscribers of MoviePass, the monthly subscription comes with some perks. While MoviePass subscribers can only watch 2D movies, AMC Stubs A-List gives customers the option of watching movies in 3D, IMAX and Dolby Cinema. Unlike MoviePass, this new subscription also offers customers the opportunity of watching the same movie multiple times in a week. AMC Stubs A-List will allow you to watch three films within a day.

Also, subscribers of AMC Stubs A-List can reserve tickets for free via the AMC movie theaters app or website, whereas MoviePass customers must be within a certain distance of a movie theater to arrange to see a film. We imagine MoviePass is a bit shook and is preparing to offer more perks for its $9.95 monthly fee.