Sorry to Bother You director Boots Riley’s BlacKkKlansman criticism has made quite the wave during this past week.

Now, Spike Lee is speaking on why he’s not going to comment on Riley’s critiques and why he’s done with celebrity and filmmaker beef.

“I’m a young chap, a young man aged 61, but before I was an even younger chap. Now when I get a hint that this stuff is maybe going to dilute the message of my film, I know it is not going to do me any good to comment,” he said.

He continued, specifically when asked about the recent drama, “Well, I’m not going to comment on that,” Lee said when prompted. “Look at my films: they’ve been very critical of the police, but on the other hand I’m never going to say all police are corrupt, that all police hate people of color. I’m not going to say that. I mean, we need police. Unfortunately, police in a lot of instances have not upheld the law; they have broken the law. But I’d also like to say, sir, that black people are not a monolithic group. I have had black people say, ‘How can a bourgeois person like Spike Lee do Malcolm X?’”

BlacKkKlansman, which stars John David Washington, Laura Harrier and Corey Hawkins is in theaters now.

Watch a new extended trailer of the film, featuring a never-before-heard Prince song, below: