The first trailer for Young. Wild. Free., starring Algee Smith, Sanaa Lathan, Sierra Capri and Mike Epps, has been released.

The MACRO Film Studios, Confluential Films and No Label Productions project, which first debuted at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, will bow on BET+ this month.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Being a teenager is rough, and Brandon (Smith) is no different. Between struggling in school, caring for his two younger siblings, and having just been let go from his job, Brandon often uses his art as an escape from the confines of his subdued day-to-day life. Enter Cassidy (Capri), a bedazzled bad girl dripping in confidence, freedom, and danger. Lured in by her whimsy, Brandon teams up with Cassidy, seamlessly slipping into the role of Clyde to her Bonnie as they make their way down an increasingly perilous path.

Directed by Thembi L. Banks, she wrote the script with They Cloned Tyrone director and co-writer Juel Taylor, based on a story by Taylor and his They Cloned Tyrone co-writer, Tony Rettenmaier.

Photo: BET
Photo: BET+
Photo: BET

Banks, Lathan, Rettenmeier and Taylor executive produce with Codie Elaine Oliver, Charlotte Koh, Prince Baggett, Jo Henriquez, Mark R. Wright,  Jenna Cavell.

Producers are Charles D. King, James Lopez, Poppy Hanks, Tommy Oliver, Baron Davis, Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd.

As Sundance 2023, Blavity’s Shadow and Act spoke to Banks about the film. “I always approach everything I do with levity,” she said. “I think you can’t have happy without sad, darkness without light–so I think to really feel the impact of any moment, whether it is laughter and a chance to breathe or whether it’s like the heaviness and the gravity of some of the emotional moments, you kind of have to have those two things go hand in hand. For me…it’s always important to have levity, but also in particular for this story, I think on the page and sometimes in execution, stories like this can really take a toll on you emotionally and can feel very downtrodden. I didn’t wanna do that. I wanted people to root for this Brandon, this family, Janice…and so I wanted to make sure that there was joy and light and love and warmth sprinkled in throughout.”

Watch the trailer below: