The Grand Hustle family has always shared their real family moments with us online and in previous television shows. However, in a recent interview with Mr. Jay Hill, Zonnique Pullins told listeners about her childhood memories without her mother.

During the interview, Hill asked Pullins, “What’s something that hurt you?” Pullins revealed that she was hurt by her mother and stepfather’s relationship when she was younger. Pullins alleged that her mother, Tiny Harris, spent much time on the road with T.I. rather than being home.

Pullins admitted that now she is an adult, she doesn’t care as much to live in those feelings even though the memories still hurt her.

“I would say what hurt me is honestly my mom being with TIP all the time. Like even now, today, that’s how it is. They’re just tied to the hip,” she said. “It’s like they’d rather go places with each other, so any time, she gotta go, he gotta go.”

Despite Pullins and her mother now deeming themselves best friends, Pullins explained that she learned to manage her feelings at a younger age while her mother was often gone. Pullins mentioned she masked her hurt, which resulted in becoming emotionally numb from teaching herself “not to be hurt by things.”

“I don’t hold that against her that she was on the road and doing all those things. I guess I would have liked to have those mommy-daughter moments, but honestly, now that I’m a mom, I guess that’s what I would have wanted with my daughter,” she said.

In a 2018 Interview with Slate, Pullins boasted about her connection with her mother and stepfather despite her parentless days.

“My mom has always been my best friend and my mother all at the same time. With my stepdad, I’ve obviously been around him my whole life, pretty much since I was 5. But I think now that I’m older and we can have those talks. We’re just really comfortable now that I’m grown. I just love my relationship with my parents, period.”

What do you think about Pullins’ latest reveal on the Grand Hustle family?