Erykah Badu visits Newark school and stirs the Twitter pot with her Baduizm

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| April 12 2016,

04:17 am

When she returned to her Twitter feed, she had a word to share on sexual natures.

And drew many face palms for her would-be dress code

But remained on message

And then dropped this word

No doubt her mentions are still going on & on

And folks were on mute mode because they weren't prepared to add to their list of problematic faves.

Some people tried to make sense of it...tried.

Ohana... means everybody in the human family can get the business!

And some folks just disowned Erykah and any adjectives agreeing with her. This was a bit harsh, sis.

And somebody's momma weighed in with this word

Finally some facts in the mayhem.

And naturally, some people didn't get it...naturally.

But will balance be restored?

So...what do you think of this all? Share your thoughts below!

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