Many of us were excited to see the return of the HBO hit, Insecure. What were many of us not excited for? The harsh reality that we should’ve nipped some of our current friendships in the bud a long time ago. 

On the Insecure season premiere, fans from around the world took to Twitter to voice their disdain for the lack of support that Molly gave her bestie Issa. Issa was in the midst of a major event that she’d planned and Molly interrupted her to whine about the problems arising in her own romantic life.

To top it off, Molly accused Issa of hankering for the drama that clouds her intimate relationships, since she planned said event with Condola, Lawrence’s new boo. Unfortunately, everyone is familiar with toxic friends, so we’ve compiled a list of nine different “friends” you should probably cut off.

When City Girls' JT said, “I ain’t got time for you fake ass h**s*,” we should have listened.