Thomas Webster, a 20-year New York Police Department veteran, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his involvement in the riots that took place at the United States Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021.

Approximately 10,000 people stormed the Capitol grounds, at least 2,000 of them making it inside. Many engaged in violent actions with the officers trying to protect the building and the lawmakers inside. Webster was one of those people.

Webster’s image became synonymous with being the rioter who pinned a D.C. officer to the ground with a flag pole.

More than 225 accused rioters were charged with assault, resisting or impeding officers or employees. Webster was the first Capitol riot defendant to be tried on an assault charge and the first to present a self-defense argument. A jury rejected the claim that he was defending himself when he tackled officer Noah Rathbun and grabbed his gas mask. He was sentenced by Judge Amit P. Mehta to 10 years — the longest sentence yet. Two other rioters were sentenced separately to seven years and three months in prison.