A new docu series titled "Black Lives, Blue Laws" aims to show the world the aftermath that unfolds after police killings. 

The idea for the project was sparked by Blackbird and the Movement for Black Lives to highlight the impact communities face from non-indictments of police officers after they kill. The series, produced by Militia Design, will walk viewers through the real work and healing that happens once news cameras stop rolling.  

Alton Sterling's family is the first to be featured in the show and the episode will follow the life of Alton Sterling's mom, Sandra Sterling. Nearly two years have passed since Sterling's death and his family is still fighting for justice. Just weeks ago, disturbing new video footage of Sterling's death was released, sparking — yet again — unimaginable pain for his family and community. 

"After having two strokes, fighting for justice for Alton, thank God I lived to tell the story … thank God people will always say his name. Rest In Peace, Alton. I will love you till the day I die," Sandra Sterling said in a statement to Blavity. 

The Sterling family has lived in a sea of injustice. In a statement to Blavity, Ada Goodly, the family's legal advocate said: 

"After two years of deferred justice, disappointments in the lack of integrity in our local and federal criminal justice systems, the emotional trauma has led Sandra to have two strokes. She and members of his immediate family are angry and deeply hurt by the callous disregard for the pain she and her family have suffered."

The series will showcase the community activist and organizations she works with such as The Wave and Movement for Black Lives. In addition, there will be an appearance from state representative Ted James.

You can watch an exclusive trailer of the episode below: 

A premiere date for the show has not been released at this moment.