U.S. Secret Service officials discovered two explosive devices intended to target the Obamas and Clintons between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. 

The BBC reports secret service agents intercepted packages addressed to the homes of former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a mail screening. The suspicious packages were said to be "functional explosive devices" according to The Associated Press. 

The Time Warner building, which houses CNN, was also evacuated Wednesday morning after a similar device was found in the mailroom. 

"Early this morning, October 24, 2018, a second package addressed to the residence of Former President Barack Obama was intercepted by Secret Service personnel in Washington, DC," a Secret Service spokesperson said in a statement.

On Monday, liberal billionaire George Soros was the target of a pipe bomb believed to have been hand-delivered to his New York home, reports The New York Times. Fortunately, the bomb never went off and was detonated by FBI agents. A California building which houses the offices of Kamala Harris and the San Diego Tribune was also evacuated after the discovery of a strange package. Additionally, the office of U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) appeared to be the target of a similar threat on Wednesday morning, according to CNN. The parcel was originally intended for Eric Holder and was sent to the Florida office as the Representative was listed as the return sender on the packages meant for Holder as well as the Clintons and Obamas. 

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters was also the addressee on a package inspected by Secret Service at Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon. 

The FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force are currently investigating all of the incidents.