The family of Nefertiti Strothers is planning to press kidnapping charges after the 39-year-old woman, who went missing last week, was found alive in a stranger's apartment in DeKalb County, Georgia. Strothers' mother, Carolyn, said her daughter was intoxicated and barely able to stand up when she was found in the apartment with the man, Fox 5 Atlanta reports

Shortly before she went missing, the Georgia woman was seen at the psychologist’s office, where she works as a housekeeper. Strothers' colleagues said she disappeared in the middle of her shift. Carolyn adds that her daughter, who has cerebral palsy, including limited motor functions and intellectual disabilities, is not capable of taking off on her own.

Police in DeKalb County have declined to press charges after using Strothers' cell phone to track her down on Wednesday and returning her safely to her home. The family, however, said they will press charges against the man who was found with their loved one.

Carolyn said her daughter was also kidnapped 20 years ago and found in a motel room. According to the mother, police found her daughter in a hotel at that time after kidnappers took out her braids to change her appearance and planned to transport her across state lines for human trafficking.

Carolyn added that her daughter is extremely friendly, which can make her an easy target for criminals. 

As Blavity previously reported, there has been an increased focus on missing Black people in recent weeks after advocates highlighted the disproportionate coverage given to white women such as Gabby Petito. Joseph Petito, Gabby's father, also spoke up for other missing people after realizing that many don't receive the same attention as his daughter.

“I want to ask everyone to help all the people that are missing and need help. It’s on all of you, everyone that’s in this room, to do that,” Joseph said. “And if you don’t do that for other people that are missing, that’s a shame because it’s not just Gabby that deserves it."