The father-son duo who went viral discussing the season finale of Fox's Empire is back and seemingly securing the bag. 

Comedian and actor DJ Pryor gained internet fame after his wife, Shanieke Pryor, recorded the entertainer and his son baby Kingston's conversation in late May. The comedic pair has since taken the net by storm and grabbed the attention of millions including popular breakfast chain, Denny's. Pryor and his 18-month-old son teamed up with the restaurant to create a new viral moment just in time for Father's Day. 

“What’s going on in your life, huh?” Pryor asked his son in the commercial.

Just like the initial viral conversation about TV shows, the two concocted a plan to get a canceled show brought back while bonding over bacon. The touching father-son moment concluded in a sweet hug.

"Booths were made for quality time with dad," a caption in the short video read.  

Baby Kingston is no stranger to good conversation. Pryor told Good Morning America earlier this month his youngest son loves to talk, sing and play the drums. 

According to local Virginia news source WHSV, the stand-up comic also has an 8-year-old son named Jabari. The Clarksville, Tennessee, resident is considering making baby Kingston a major part of his routine.

By all accounts, the pair are well on their way to becoming the next great comedy team in the age of the internet.