Like I said a few months ago Curtis Jackson, AKA 50 Cent, AKA Fiddy (to his friends), just keeps cranking them out doesn’t he?

Now he’s at it again. He will co-star along with Bruce Willis and Josh Duhamel in the indie thriller Fire with Fire, scheduled to begin filming at the end of June.

The film will be on the international pre-sales market, through Voltage Films, at theMarches du Cinema at Cannes this month.

To be directed by Tom Connor, and co-produced by Jackson’s production company Cheetah Vision, Fire With Fire deals with a “fireman in the witness protection program. When he’s threatened by the man he plans to testify against, he takes matters into his own hands to save the love of his life.

The film is the latest project of a 10-picture deal announced by Jackson and his production company last fall, that is backed by a $200 million fund, with Lionsgate releasing the films domestically.

By the way, Willis also appears in Jackson’s thriller Set-up, which Cheetah Vision also co-produced and is currently in post-production.

Hey, everybody wants to give praise to Tyler Perry as if he’s the only> black person out there doing it on his own. But so is Jackson, and he’s also reaching out to the overseas market, which Perry really hasn’t done (No the U.K. doesn’t count).

So how come I don’t hear a few kinds words for Fiddy?