There are all sorts filmmaking workshops around, great and small, but few of them are conducted by an actual working filmmaker.

Darin Scott has been working in the film business since the late 80’s producing, writing and directing films; among his list of credits are Charles Burnett’s To Sleep with Anger, Menace II Society, Waist Deep, and currently he’s directing the Cinemax series Femme Fatales.

Also of late, he’s been traveling around the country conducting his intensive 2 day filmmaking workshops about the nuts and bolts of filmmaking, and says that people who attending his workshops will get “information you just can’t get in books. It’s real world knowledge from someone who’s actually on the firing line with investors, producers, and execs breathing down their neck, while a hundred people ask: “What now, boss?”

His next stop is in Atlanta on Sepember 10 and 11th.

For more info and details about his workshop go HERE

Below is a video reaction from people who have participated in Scott’s workshops: