Here's your first look from the set at Marla GibbsJake T. Austin, and Tessa Thompson in Kristin Hanggi's feature film directorial debut Grantham And Rose, which follows the story of 17-year-old Grantham Portnoy (Austin) learning to become a man, with some challenges.

When a petty crime thrusts him into the company of a feisty eighty-one-year-old African-American woman named Rose Price, Grantham and Rose push the boundaries of their relationship, their lives, and what it means to love, as they take a road trip back to their roots.

How exactly will they "push the boundaries of their relationship," isn't yet public info.

Of course Marla Gibbs (who's also 81 years old by the way) will play the 81-year-old Rose Price, as in Grantham And Rose in the title.

There's a Harold and Maude/Bonnie and Clyde vibe to this.

Gibbs last appeared in Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection, earlier this year.

Grantham And Rose is produced by Michael UrieMeghan-Michele GermanEvangel FungRyan Spahn and Hanggi via Wonderfalls Entertainment.

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