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Posted under: Fashion Health

If you thought athleisure was a trend of the past, you were sadly mistaken. Fitness brands are teaming up with our favorite celebrities more than ever to make sure we stick to our New Year's resolutions surrounding fitness and better health goals.

Photo: Nike

Nike Women’s latest famous partner is singer/songwriter FKA twigs. As their newest ambassador, she not only creative directed, but also cast and starred their latest badass campaign, “Believe In More,” that advertises their newest Zonal Strength leggings. Styled by Matthew Josephs, the video features 12 influencers (athletes and non-athletes) like karate professional Jay Kirton, Olympic fencer Miles Chamley Watson and yogi Paleta Claim-Quality.

Photo: Nike

In the video, FKA twigs shows off some impressive choreography that comes from years of dance training. In an open letter about her partnership with Nike, she shares that she started dancing at the age of three and was trained in half a dozen different dance styles by the time she was 7-years-old. She goes on to say in the letter, “people don’t always see dancers as athletes, but we are. Through dance, I’ve met young people who work really hard and have dedicated their lives to being physical...Overall, dance makes you realize that there’s beauty in the imperfections.”

Photo: Nike

Besides her bomb dance moves and her killer style, FKA twigs also teases her latest single, “Trust In Me” in the two minute video. If you’re down for the cause, head over to Nike where you can get your leggings today.

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