LeBron James’ behavior at his 14-year-old son’s basketball game has sparked controversy amongst fans online. 

Video footage from LeBron James Jr.’s AAU basketball tournament shows basketball legend, LeBron, 34, excitedly running onto the court to congratulate his son and his teammate after the latter executed a nearly-perfect alley-oop. The NBA star was so excited that one of his shoes fell off on the court. 

What appears as light-hearted fun between a father and son elicited different responses from a few folks on Twitter who claimed the Cleveland native was exhibiting “childlike behavior.”

One critic was Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports who advised LeBron to "sit [his] ass down." 

With the exception of Whitlock, one user noticed a pattern. 

Listen, we didn't say it. 

Others still struggled to see the issue. 

LeBron was also filmed doing warm-up shots with his son's team before the tournament. 

"Bronny" Jr. shows promise for excellence in the sport. In 2018, he received a standing ovation from his father after he achieved his first dunk in a jersey bearing his dad's number of 23 at a middle school basketball game. That day, Bronny led the team, scoring 27 points as previously reported by Blavity. 

Seems like Black fathers are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.