Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took offense to being mentioned in a joke on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah on Wednesday, and struck back on Twitter, igniting one the most comical internet beefs of the year.

The social media feud appeared to stem from a show segment of Noah expressing concern with the latest Census results. The state of New York State fell just 89 residents shy of retaining all 27 of its congressional seats for the next decade. As a result, New York will lose a seat in Congress, while Texas receives two additional seats.

“You’re telling me that if 89 more New Yorkers would have filled out their Census, the state wouldn't have lost a seat in Congress?” Noah lamented.

Moments later, Noah quipped that the U.S. population grew at its slowest rate since the Great Depression, “primarily due to this photo,” the comedian said, flashing a homely image of Cruz.