People came out in droves to support and share birthday messages for a Twitter user named Jacki, who tweeted that they were being misgendered by their family.

“Hey so.. it’s my bday and I’ve been getting deadnamed and misgendered by family all day. So if some cool peeps could tell me happy birthday with my chosen name ‘Jacki’ that would be awesome,” Jacki wrote on Thursday.

Jacki said the reaction was overwhelming, as thousands of followers and complete strangers showed up in their mentions, wishing them a happy birthday and sending a few kind words to lift their spirits.

“I posted the tweet only expecting to get a few replies telling me happy birthday. It started out slow at first, but suddenly took off. I was flooded with supportive messages and replies all day and I’m still getting more. People were sending me videos singing my name and playing happy birthday on various instruments,” they told Blavity.