No one is safe on the internet, not even Beyoncé after giving her first performance after a four-year hiatus in Dubai over the weekend. The footage hit social media despite her request for no phones or recordings, and people are not sorry! 

The Hollywood Reporter mentioned the 28-time Grammy winner graced the stage for almost 75 minutes, celebrating the opening of the city’s new luxury hotel, The Atlantis Royal, and earning Queen Bey $24 million.

The invite-only guest list included celebrities, media, influencers and individuals tied to the hotel. During her performance, she shouted out some attendees, including Winston Duke, Letitia WrightChloe & Halle Bailey and her children. 

The mother of three proudly announced, “My beautiful children are here to see their mom perform,” THR reported.

According to Pitchfork, the lucky attendees received invites letting them know they were in for the weekend of a lifetime. 

“Beyoncé invites you to a weekend where your dreams become your destination,” the invitations read. “You and a guest are invited for epicurean feasts, beachside indulgences, and special reveal experiences including business class airfare, first-class ground transportation, and first-class accommodations at Atlantis the Royal.” 

Attendees were to adhere to a strict no-phone policy so that they couldn’t record during her performance.