Newly released bodycam footage has revealed additional information in the case of Courtney Clenney, the OnlyFans model who is accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death in Miami. According to Local 10, the footage from April 1 reveals that an apartment employee called Miami police to report a domestic disturbance between Clenney and her boyfriend Christian Obumseli.

“Her boyfriend comes charging toward her and we try to get in the middle of it,” the Paraiso building employee told officers.

The bodycam footage shows officers standing in the lobby and having a discussion with the employee as well as Clenney.

As the employee explained what he witnessed during the disturbance in the apartment, Clenney told police that Obumseli was stalking her.

“Right now, I have not always been a victim, right now I am a freaking victim in this situation. I’m scared to go downstairs and walk my dogs,” the model said in the clip. “I want a restraining order against Christian Obumseli.”

When police checked Clenney’s apartment, they didn’t find Obumseli. Speaking to Clenney, officers said they cannot kick out Obumseli if his belongings are present and he has been living in the apartment.

“You want this person to completely disappear from your life. At the same time, you have him here in your apartment for two months with a ton of stuff in here,” an officer told the model in the video.

The model went back to her apartment while officers continued to speak to the employee who made the original call, saying that Clenney never disclosed that there was violence on that particular night.

“When she came down, he went charging at her,” the employee told police in the clip.

“She didn’t mention none of that. Until she says she wants to do something about it — that’s when we step in. That’s criminal activity. But she needs to mention something about that. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything,” an officer replied.

Investigators say they believe that Clenney’s story of self-defense is inconsistent. Clenney is currently facing a second-degree murder charge.