After spending his teenage years in the Miami R&B quartet Pretty Ricky, Spectacular Smith may be taking his talents to the Ivy League.

Smith, 32, posted an Instagram photo of himself wearing a crimson Harvard hoodie with the iconic crest on the front on Tuesday. The "Shorty Be Mine" crooner posted an image of himself sitting in what appears to be a Harvard classroom. 

Smith has gained plenty of success since the band's last album in 2009. He currently owns and operates his company Adwizar. According to Inc., the California-based corporation "manages and monetizes the accounts of more than 100 actors, musicians and athletes."

In 2016, Adwizar's influence took off in droves, with more than 300 billion social media impressions for the business. 

In an interview with Black Enterprise, Spectacular attributes his entrepreneurial endeavors to his friend Matty J., who suggested he start monetizing his tweets.

"He told me I could make some money from tweeting, and I was like, ‘Well that sounds super easy," he said.

"So what I did was… when he told me I could make money off of tweeting I had like 50,000 followers at the time on Twitter, and I felt like the amount of followers I had, I should double it, so I can make double the amount of money because I’ve always been an entrepreneur so those simple numbers just add up."

Spectacular is also the author of the best-selling book Spectacular Love, an e-book on love and relationships, as told from the perspective of a "big brother."

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