As R.Kelly's trial continues with damning revelations from some of the women he abused over the years, one of his former employees has taken the stand. 

Tom Arnold, the musician's studio manager from 2004 to 2011 and who he had known since 1998, told jurors that R.Kelly would often withhold employees' pay for making minor mistakes or not meeting his unrealistic expectations, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

On one account, Arnold said he booked a last-minute trip to Disney World at the artist's request and as a result was only able to get a male tour guide. Angered that the tour guide wasn't a woman, R.Kelly canceled the VIP experience and docked Arnold's full weekly pay of $1,500, he told jurors at the Brooklyn Federal Court.

"It needed to be a woman," Arnold recalled, saying he "took the first person I could get. It was a gentleman."

Arnold revealed that he was also fined on other occasions for forgetting to bring R.Kelly his lunch, missing a call from the "Fiesta" artist and buying a sweatband for one of his female guests without the Chicago native's permission. 

He recalled a time when the entire team was fined after someone ate R.Kelly's donuts.

Ultimately, Arnold said he quit.

“My wife wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy. Rob wasn’t happy,” the former employee said.

Arnold testified that he and the other employees were restricted from looking at R.Kelly's female guests and when driving them around, he was to flip up the rearview mirror. He also accused the 54-year-old of giving his employees his cellphone number on a piece of paper to pass out to girls and women they encountered at concerts, malls and after parties.

“It would be asked of me to do so fairly regularly,” he said.

Since his trial started, women and underage girls have testified that R.Kelly forced them into writing false statements to use as blackmail against them, as Blavity previously reported.

It was also alleged that R.Kelly married late singer Aaliyah when he discovered she was pregnant so she could get an abortion. 

A physician testified in court that R.Kelly had herpes and had knowingly infected women he had sexual encounters with, CNN reported.

The singer has pleaded not guilty to charges of racketeering and violating an anti-sex trafficking law. In another case, he also faces federal child pornography and obstructions charges.