Antonio Andrews, a former Tennessee Titans running back, is facing multiple charges after a bizarre domestic incident that took place last Wednesday WSMV-TV reports.

The charges levied at Andrews include aggravated stalking, vandalism, violation of an ex-parte protective order, and harassment according to reporting by the Metro Police.

Andrews was arrested after he met a woman at a restaurant on Wednesday night. According to the affidavit, Andrews brought the woman back to his apartment. He later asked the woman to see her phone and she refused to give it to him. 

Andrews then allegedly bit the woman's nose which caused her to release the device. He then ran off into the parking garage with the phone but was unable to get into it and later slid the phone across the parking garage concrete back to the woman, cracking the screen in multiple places as reported in the affidavit. 

By the time the police officers arrived on the scene, Andrews was already gone. When they finally caught up to him, Andrews told the officers that after dinner, the two of them headed out of the establishment and were driving back to his place according to an affidavit. Andrews said the woman noticed his phone had several notifications from other women and  became jealous according to his account. Then, he attempted to grab her phone, the affidavit states.

According to the Metro Police department, Andrews violated his protective order with the woman by being with her that night. 

"Yeah, maybe that the fact that Antonio is not a bad guy. He needs help football has messed him up and the NFL doesn't care or do anything for these athletes once they just toss them to the curb. These athletes have more damage than they think and may not even realize it and they do nothing,” the woman’s lawyer said in a statement.

“And all this going public does nothing for the situation but throw gasoline on a fire. All of this is old news and happened a long time ago and the news doesn't even know what they are talking about. He needs help instead of punishment. But hell write what you want. CTE is real, maybe y'all report about that,” he concluded.

Andrews was a standout running back at Western Kentucky, where he tallied 3,674 rushing yards during his four-year career.

After going undrafted in the 2014 NFL draft, Andrews was eventually picked up by the Tennessee Titans, He appeared in 34 career games with the Tennessee Titans, leading the team in rushing with 520 yards on 143 carries in 2015.