In the midst of the mess that the Trump administration has continued to foster in regards to immigration policy, Fox News would be remiss if they didn't find a way to sprinkle a little anti-blackness in the mix. 

Fox News Contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy actually thought it would be a good idea to get on TV and say that black people have told her the migrant detention centers were better than the projects they grew up in.

Whew, chile, the racism jumped out. There are so many things wrong here. 

First of all, since when were black people the only people to live in the projects. Furthermore, why is it being implied that black people living in the projects is the expectation. Lastly, why are you trying to use black people to suggest that the conditions of these centers aren't inhumane?

At this point, we should expect nothing less from Fox and Friends. For those who actually care about making a difference when it comes to those who are suffering at the hands of America, here are 7 ways you can help black and brown immigrants currently being terrorized by the Trump administration