TThe Game is on a roll this month with helping out in the community. First he hosts a summit to stop the violence by uniting bloods and crips with the Los Angeles Police Department. Then with help from his son, he launched a Go Fund Me page for Officer Norman in Little Rock, Arkansas to be able to buy supplies for community children. Plus, he and dozens of celebrities joined Cedric the Entertainer for a town hall to discuss matters in the black community.

And now, he has teamed up with actress Zulay Henao and PartnersInKynd to launch “Yo Mama, My Mama.”  The Game has a soft spot for mothers and believes that others do too.

He said, “I figure with all the tragedy, and all the brothers killing each other, cops killing brothers, brothers killing cops, the one thing that people care about the most around the world is their mothers.”

The Game took to his Instagram account asking his fans to share their stories of love for their mother and from there he would choose a mother of the day.

So… (Deep breathe) lol…. Okay, me & @Zulay_Henao in association with @PartnersInKynd have come up with a campaign called #YoMamaMyMama to accept the same responsibilities for your mothers as we would our own. So today, we're taking you & your mother to the grocery store in your neighborhood & hooking her up with groceries for a month….. Here's what we need from you: 1st, FOLLOW @PartnersInKynd NOW & secondly do a 30 second video stating your mothers name, what she means to you & why she deserves to be chosen as the MOTHER OF THE DAY today & don't forget to tag both me & @Zulay_Henao as well as hashtag #YoMamaMyMama in the caption of your video once you post it on your page…… 3rd, put the city you're from & the hashtag #YoMamaMyMama & tag 3 friends in the comments on @PartnersInKynd's page. DO NOT & I repeat DO NOT do this in my comments nor @Zulay_Henao's comments or you will automatically DISQUALIFY yourself from your mama being hooked up !!!! Again, the video should be posted on YOUR OWN PAGE & the city you're from & the hashtag #YoMamaMyMama should be put in @PartnersInKynd's comments or DIRECT MESSAGE… If sent to my dm or Zulay's they will be ignored…. Can't wait to hear your stories & go grocery shopping today with you & your mother !!!! If you're not in Los Angeles, the grocery money can be pay pal'd to you or yo mama from us so that you can take your mother grocery shopping on US !!!!! If you are selected from out of town, we ask that once you are shopping with your mama… You send us video to post on our pages….. This is another push in the direction of POSITIVITY & UNIFICATION for us & people all over the world !!! #PartnersInKind #PIK #TheRobinHoodProject #KindnessIsSexy

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Yvette Hicks, a single mother of 8 , was the first mother to get treated by The Game’s newest initiative. As a part of being chosen as mother of the day, Hicks was taken shopping at the nearest supermarket where The Game spent $1,000 worth of money in groceries for the single mom.

So in the midst of all the negativity & tragedy the world has witnessed over the past 10 days… I wake up on a mission to try to spread as much positivity as possible in hopes of shifting the negativity & creating a more peaceful vibe amongst us all…… So today we allowed someone to highlight their mother & tell us why she deserved this $1,000 grocery shopping spree…. & @eunice_hicks was chosen & she met us with her beautiful mother "YVETTE HICKS" & her son & younger sister for our 1st #YoMamaMyMama….. Not only was it cool to help out a hardworking mother of 8… It was also heartwarming to meet "TI'TUS @eunice_hicks son… You know game love luhhhhh the kids…. Me & @partnersinkynd will be highlighting other #MotherOfTheDay's & figuring out creative ways to show them how much we appreciate them…. Without our mothers, their would be no us & if I don't know anything else about people in this world… I know for a fact, WE LOVE OUR MAMAS…… Be sure to FOLLOW @partnersinkynd NOW & stay tuned for the next #YoMamaMyMama because it will only get better from here….. Tonight was amazing !!! Glad I could put a huge smile on your mothers face for you…….. #TheRobinHoodProject #PartnersInKind #KindnessIsSexy #Kiss4Charity #MotherOfTheDay & on that note…. HOODNIGHT (no typo) ✌🏾️

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Looks like the game had just as much fun celebrating the mom as she did receiving the love.

I remember being a kid in the grocery store with my mama…. Ain't nothing changed lol.. #YoMamaMyMama

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It’s moments like this that remind us all that there are still some good out there in the world. Be on the look out for how you can highlight “Yo Mama” with The Game.

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