George Foreman, a renowned boxing world sports legend, is also a celebrated family man. He has won two heavyweight world championships and an Olympic gold medal. Born on January 10, 1949, in Marshall, Texas, Foreman had a rough upbringing while growing up in a poverty-stricken household with limited opportunities. However, his drive for success and his remarkable talent for boxing would ultimately change the course of his life, as well as his romantic relationships, which later resulted in him having 12 children.

As with many celebrities, it is important to mention that with fame there comes a high profile within the dating pool. His dating history became publicly known in the late 1960s and early 1970s when he first began his boxing career. During this time, he was dating multiple women, including some very high-profile celebrities.

The 70-year-old athlete has married on five separate occasions, which include marriages to Adrienne Calhoun (m. 1971 to 1974), Cynthia Lewis (m. 1977 to 1979), Sharon Goodson (m. 1981 to 1982), Andrea Skeete (m. 1982 to 1985), and his current wife, Mary Joan Martelly, married in 1985.

One of the most notable relationships in Foreman’s life was with Adrienne Calhoun, though they decided to end their marriage in 1974. Together, they welcomed six children, and their union appeared steady for a time. Nevertheless, the marriage encountered its fair share of challenges as Foreman’s boxing career took him into the realm of stardom. The associated pressures of fame and fortune certainly placed a strain on their relationship. Moreover, a pivotal moment arrived in 1974 when Foreman experienced a surprising defeat at the hands of Muhammad Ali in the legendary “Rumble in the Jungle.” This loss marked not only a turning point in his boxing journey but also prompted a profound reevaluation of his life priorities and relationships.

Foreman’s Dating History

After retiring from boxing in 1977, Foreman became a born-again Christian, which profoundly influenced his outlook on life, including his approach to relationships. Once he and Calhoun divorced in 1974, Foreman would go on to marry multiple times in the years that followed. He married Cynthia Lewis in 1977, however, the couple divorced in 1979. After that, he went on to marry Mary Joan Martelly in 1985, with whom he had two daughters. Although the couple had divorced and remarried over the years, they still remain together to this day.

While Foreman is widely recognized for his exceptional accomplishments in the sport of boxing: inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame and International Boxing Hall of Fame. Rated by the International Boxing Research Organization as the eighth-greatest heavyweight champion of all time, named one of the 25 greatest fighters of the past 80 years by The Ring (2002) Foreman is equally admired for his role as a father to 12 children. Ahead, we touch a little on each of Foreman’s children, their background and where they are today.

How Many Sons Does George Foreman Have?

George Foreman has five sons all named … George. In an interview, Foreman elaborated on the rationale behind naming all his sons George, expressing, “I chose to give all my sons the name George Edward Foreman to ensure they share a common bond. I often tell them, ‘If one of us achieves success, we all rise together, and if one faces challenges, we face them together as a united front!'”

George Edward Foreman, Jr.

George Jr. has worked in the world of business and marketing for many years. He was a Senior Marketing Executive for Salton, Inc. (owner of the George Foreman Grill) and also dabbled in the world of television and entertainment as an executive producer.

George Edward Foreman (“Monk”)

George III, nicknamed “Monk,” has made a name for himself as a professional boxer, boasting an impressive undefeated record of 16-0. He’s not only carried on the family’s tradition within the boxing world but has also expanded his horizons into the realm of entrepreneurship. Monk is the visionary founder of the Craft Boxing Club, which has established a presence in both California and Canada.

George Edward Foreman (“Big Wheel”)

Similarly, George IV, nicknamed “Big Wheel,” also grew up in the boxing world. He has since gone on to become a producer working on such movies as Foreman (2017) and other projects. He has stayed close to the world of boxing by opening a luxury training gym known as EverybodyFights.

George Edward Foreman (“Red”)

George V, known as “Red,” is still on his own journey. He reportedly was arrested and charged with felony assault in 2014. He still benefits from the nurturing love and extensive support of his family, from which he draws invaluable life lessons. Together, the Foreman sons exemplify the resilience, strength, and determination inherent in their family’s legacy, both within and beyond the boxing ring.

George VI (“Little Joey”)

George VI, aka “Little Joey” is the youngest of the Foreman clan. He was born in 1999 to his father and Mary Joan Martelly and is 24 years old. And though there is not much to know about Foreman’s youngest son, being under the influence of his famous father’s boxing legacy alongside his other brothers, has likely influenced his life and upbringing.

How Many Daughters Does George Foreman Have?

Foreman has seven daughters including Natalia and Leola, born from his marriage with Mary Joan Martelly, as well as Freeda George, Michi, and Georgetta. In 2009, Foreman adopted his daughter Isabella, and in 2012, he welcomed another one of his adopted daughters, Courtney.

Freeda Foreman

His daughter, Freeda Foreman, was a professional boxer. In 2000, she entered professional boxing and had 5-0 record with three knockouts. However, after losing her sixth fight, she decided to retire from fighting but remained in the world of boxing as a promoter. In a 2000 interview with the London Mirror, she stated, “Dad never wanted any of his kids to see him fight. He always protected us from that world.” Tragically, she died in 2019 at the age of 42 in an apparent suicide.

Natalia Foreman

It is reported that Natalia is a professional singer and professor. She taught at Long Star College and is also a doctoral candidate at the University of St. Thomas.

Leola Foreman

Natalia’s biological sister, Leola, is a stand-up comedian. She also owns her own YouTube channel entitled LeeMariahRose, where she documents her experiences as a stage performer, parent, and advocate for feminism. Considering her diverse streams of revenue, her net worth is approximated to reach $16 million.

Michi Foreman

Michi Foreman was born in Houston, Texas to George and Adrienne Calhoun in January 1983. She is known to be an advocate for education while also serving as a singer and performer.

Georgetta Foreman

Georgetta on the other hand, is best known for her career as a television producer. She’s worked with notable shows such as Justice For All With Judge Cristina Perez, America’s Court with Judge Ross, and We The People With Judge Lauren Lake. Georgetta is currently a mother of two children and frequently posts about her life on Instagram.

Isabella Foreman

Isabella Foreman is one of George’s adopted daughters. She was adopted in 2009 by George and has a blog entitled BellaNeutella where she writes her experiences while living in Sweden. Her birth date and birth mother are unknown.

Courtney Foreman

Courtney Foreman was adopted in 2012 by her father George. It is unknown when Courtney’s birth date is as well as the identity of her biological mother as she has chosen to live a life out of the spotlight.