Ziwe Fumudoh, the popular comedian known for her viral interviews with controversial subjects, interviewed disgraced, scamming former Congressman George Santos in an interview posted Monday. Labeled by Ziwe as a conversation between “one jokester and a national joke,” the interview is a satirical and at times absurd conversation with the ex-Congressman. But despite getting in a number of digs at Santos, opinions have been divided on whether Ziwe roasted Santos or if the former representative played her for another 15 minutes in the spotlight.

Early in the clip, which runs nearly 18 minutes, Ziwe attempted at the preempt any criticism, introducing the clip by rhetorically asking “How could anyone platform the disgraced, allegedly racist, allegedly transphobic, allegedly far-right nutjob Congressman?” Throughout the interview, Ziwe constantly digs at Santos while fact-checking graphics appear to counter the questionable stories about his history and past statements that Santos is still making. Santos appears to enjoy the attention and the interaction with Ziwe.

As it’s come to be expected from Santos, he makes a variety of outrageous, bizarre and cringeworthy statements. Santos claims to admire Rosa Parks, while downplaying past comparisons he’s made between himself and the Civil Rights icon, but he appears to not recognize the names of figures such as Marsha P. Johnson, James Baldwin and Harvey Milk. He is, however, able to quote a Nicki Minaj lyric. He claims that his Black friends are “too many to count” and that “I don’t see color” because of his alleged upbringing in Queens. When talking about having or adopting children in the future, Santos claimed “I could probably make a Black baby own my own…because I’m biracial,” repeating a version of the various claims he’s made about his ethnicity in the past.

The most talked about moment of the interview, Ziwe asks Santos, “What can we do to get you to go away?”

With a smirk, Santos replies “stop inviting me to your gigs.” After a discussion of Dancing with the Stars and RuPaul’s Drag Race as possible future appearances for Santos, Ziwe sums up “the lesson is to stop inviting you places?” Santos snaps back “but you can’t, ‘cause people want the content.”

“George really looked Ziwe dead in her eyes and told her that she’s part of the problem” one person tweeted.

“George Santos is sitting pretty knowing that media like Ziwe can’t help but clout-chase off of the antics,” tweeted journalist Ernest Owens.

Others, however, came to Ziwe’s defense. “Do you get mad at Barbara Walters, Lesley Stahl, and Rachel Maddow?” journalist Raven Brunner tweeted. “Ziwe has always been more about investigative journalism than late-night comedy.”

In the end, whether or not Ziwe should have hosted Santos, the ex-representative has indicated that he has no intention of going away. So be prepared for him to pop up again, whether online, on a future campaign trail, or in a courtroom.