A worthwhile listen… Giancarlo Esposito chats with local TV anchors in Albuquerque, New Mexico, about the Albuquerque Film Festival, an initiative he heads called Film For Change, his role in Breaking Bad, his process/method in tackling roles, and more… including what he’s currently working on… a film titled This Is Your Death, which he describes as “an unflinching look at reality TV

Given the title, and subject matter, I’m laughing over here because I already have some idea of what this likely biting bit of satire will look like.

But Esposito says he’s currently raising funds for it, so who knows when/if it’ll ever come to fruition.

What we do know he’ll next appear in is Tyler Perry’s I, Alex Cross, in which Esposito plays a drug lord named Daramus Holiday, not-so unlike his role in Breaking Bad as Gus; although, as he told EW in a recent interview about his part in the film:

While Gus tends to says little, Holiday’s speech is like “a cross between a film noir and a contemporary rap song… The tone of this Daramus Holiday character came to me in a whisper. They’ve written him to be hip, powerful, cool and strong. I could hear it like music in my brain. Esposito describes one seven-page scene between the detective and the thug as “a fabulous piece of dealmaking, a fabulous negotiation. The threats come and you expect a character to be afraid for his life, but they’re each like, ‘I own this.’”

As we already know, in I, Alex Cross, Cross (Perry) hunts a serial killer (one that he believes may have been responsible for his wife’s death); and (*potential SPOILER*), Cross suspects Esposito’s Holiday character was involved; though, as we all already know that Matthew Fox’s character is the main villain.

So Esposito and TP go head-to-head in at least one scene which he describes above; and from his description, he sounds excited about it.

Watch the video interview below which runs about 15 minutes (thanks Emmett for the link); his interview starts around the 1:50 mark: