Google is famous for its informative and always on time Doodles. The company celebrated the first day of Black History Month by paying homage to women's rights lobbyist and abolitionist Sojourner Truth.

"In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, we celebrate American abolitionist Sojourner Truth, who escaped from slavery & became a powerful advocate for justice & equality everywhere," Google's tweet read.

According to HuffPost, the image depicts the courthouse where Truth emerged victorious in advocating for her son's freedom. 

Per its statement announcing the Doodle, the tech company shared that Philadelphia-based creative Loveis Wise is the artist behind the drawing. In an interview with Google, Wise revealed her reaction to discovering she'd been selected to draw the powerful image.
"I was instantly excited and humbled because I would be able to illustrate a figure that I'd always been inspired by," Wise said. "It encouraged me to learn more about her history and other great Black women doing activist work during that period."

When asked what lessons she desires people take away from her image, Wise had this to say:

"Without her work and the awareness Sojourner spread, the US would not be what it currently is today! It's important to lift up her legacy and reflect on that."

Born into slavery in New York, Truth's parents originally named her Isabella Baumfree. History writes that she was sold as a slave to violent owner John Neely at the age of 9. After her second owner, John Dumont, illegally auctioned her young son, Truth took the gentleman to court and won. Consequently, she became the first Black woman in the country to succeed in bringing a white man to trial.

Truth eventually became a leader in women's rights and first publicly championed the liberties of Black women at the Ohio Women's Rights Convention in 1851. Her infamous "Ain't I A Woman?" speech detailed the hardships she had to overcome as a Black woman and how those tribulations molded her into an activist for the voiceless.

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