This February, We Recognize How ‘Black History Made Us’

Black history made us who we are -- and we must honor that.

Photo Credit: Blavity, Inc.

| February 01 2019,

05:23 am

This year, Black History Month holds special significance.

2019 marks 400 years since some of the first enslaved Africans -- all of whom were subjected to horrendous conditions and many who didn’t survive them --  arrived on ships to Jamestown Colony in Virginia in 1619.

This marked the beginning of Black life in America.

It is undeniable that Black history has defined our Black present -- and we must honor that. Always, in all ways.

That’s why this February, we at Blavity, Inc. are reflecting on how Black History Made Us.

It has made us bold, resilient and strong beyond belief. It has made us feel angry, motivated and ready for more change. And, perhaps most importantly, it has fueled us to fight for access and mobility in a country that continually fails to see our full humanity and is determined to hold us back.

It is our duty to make our ancestors proud; to continue to fight against the systemic ways we are continuously marginalized and misrepresented; and to forge ahead to strive for the liberation we were promised by supporting each other, our businesses and our community.

That’s what we are committed to doing each day at Blavity, Inc., and especially during February.

Watch the video below to see some of the people at Blavity, Inc. share how they believe Black history has made us feel and tell us in the comments:

How has YOUR Black history made you feel?


Happy Black History Month, fam.

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