This editorial was brought in collaboration with OnStar. 

The world has opened up more since the onset of the pandemic, and major travel has made a comeback. Starting your next adventure typically comes with a list of things necessary so you can hit the road in peace.

From collecting the payments for the hotel room — good vibes and blessings to all the friends who take the lead in coordinating trips — to making the inevitable store run once you reach your destination, OnStar and the OnStar Guardian App should be at the top of your list for safety in your car and on your phone.

OnStar offers a full suite of services that can help provide added peace of mind anywhere you go. Whether it is Roadside Assistance or clocking the audacity of someone attempting to steal your vehicle, consider the reliability of OnStar in any situation.

The Major Difference

In the age of smartphones, most people believe they already have everything they need with the click of an app. So why add OnStar to your options?

The significant difference is the human connection and unquestioned reliability in one application. Here are several ways OnStar steps up to the plate and has the edge.

  • If you find yourself in an unfortunate accident, OnStar offers Automatic Crash Response within GM vehicles. The feature uses built-in vehicle sensors to detect a crash and alert an Emergency Advisor who will automatically connect to your vehicle for necessary assistance.
  • Did you step away for a second and someone stole your vehicle? No worries. With Stolen Vehicle Assistance, also found within GM vehicles, OnStar Advisors are there to collaborate with local law enforcement to locate and recover your vehicle.
  • Adulthood has its share of challenges, but having a plan can be beneficial. OnStar Advisors and Roadside Assistance are available 24/7 to provide assistance if you get a flat tire, run out of gas or end up stranded.
  • No one anticipates severe weather, but OnStar has Crisis Assist available for members even in the worst of scenarios and natural disasters. If conditions change rapidly, OnStar and the Guardian app will stay with you until you get to safety, connecting you with help and putting you in touch with loved ones.
  • Trying to get to the new brunch spot shouldn’t be a hassle. Tapping into OnStar’s Turn-by-Turn Navigation is available at the push of the blue OnStar button in your GM vehicle.
  • If you do not have a Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle, or have no vehicle at all, OnStar has options for you. The OnStar Guardian app is everywhere you need help. Get safety services like Mobile Crash Response, Emergency Services and Roadside Assistance right from your phone.

Don’t Believe Me Just Watch

With plans and price points to meet diverse needs, OnStar proves that its safety and technology services are great choices for your adventure. Members of the OnStar community have 24/7 access to live Advisors no matter the location. This helps them feel safer and more connected wherever they are. Need more proof? Check out these real-life stories to get detailed commentary about the OnStar difference.

As the world prepares for the mind-blowing tours that are sure to follow the release of new albums, don’t waste time worrying about the fundamental essentials for your trip to see the queen. Because in the words of the City Girl we love — your next trip needs OnStar and the Guardian app, real bad.

This editorial was brought in collaboration with OnStar. Whether a crash, crisis or an emergency, OnStar Advisors are ready to help 24/7. Visit to learn more.