Tragedy struck a Nebraska couple as they were in the middle of their wedding ceremony. Shortly after Toraze Terrel Davis and his wife, Johnnie Mae Davis, finished exchanging their vows in a church in Omaha, Nebraska, on June 19, they encountered a tragedy no one expected.

When the newly married couple stepped outside the church to take photos, Davis’ heart stopped and caused him to collapse, KETV reported.

“They never made it to the reception,” Tricia Pugsley, who was booked as the wedding’s DJ, told The State. “They went to the hospital instead. That’s where the bride, Johnnie Mae, had to say goodbye to her new husband. It’s seriously the saddest thing ever.”

Davis, who was 48, died from a blood clot, according to KETV. Loved ones are now doing their part to support Mae and the couple’s children.

“Yesterday was suppose to be one of the best days of her life — marrying her bestfriend, her love, her children’s father, her everything,” DaVannis J. Donaldson wrote on Facebook, according to The State. “We’ve talked about this wedding, this beautiful wedding for SO long — and yesterday after LOTS of preparation and planning it finally happened … Then POOF.. before her eyes.. and everyone else, hours later — her husband unexpectedly passed away.”

“She’s been widowed and married in a 10-minute span,” her friend Jewel Roberson told KETV.

Monica Miller, a friend of Johnnie Mae, organized a GoFundMe page to help with burial expenses and funds for the family. “Those of you that know Johnnie Mae know how beautiful she is inside & out. Sadly, Johnnie Mae unexpectedly lost her husband yesterday on their wedding day. Both Johnnie Mae & Toraze planned on living the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, Toraze gave his last breath shortly after saying ‘I Do,'” Miller wrote on the GoFundMe page. “We are asking that you donate towards the burial expenses for Toraze and money to help the new bride with their children. As you know, Johnnie Mae always helps others; this is our time to help her. Please Pray for her and The Davis Family!”

According to KETV, Johnnie Mae’s father also died recently.

“Johnnie Mae has suffered through so much and she’s just such a loving person,” Roberson told the outlet. “Some of the work that Johnnie Mae has done in the community through her own efforts include mentoring early entrepreneurs through the stages of business ownership and financial literacy. Johnnie Mae has dedicated her life to helping others, specifically aiming to protect the most vulnerable members. Johnnie Mae’s everyday life at ECO Living consists of managing the care network of support for the elderly and disabled.”

Davis’ funeral is scheduled for July 5, NBC News reported.