Gucci's New Campaign Is Black Excellence At Its Finest

Melanin dipped in designer digs. What's better than that?

Photo credit:Glen Luchford

| April 17 2017,

9:52 pm

Gucci's new ad campaign is all the melanin magic we could have ever asked for.

Photo: Glen Luchford

Featuring nothing but models of color, the funky Pre-Fall advertisements, appropriately titled "The Soul Scene", capture the carefree and colorful spirit of the culture under such a poignant lens. Glen Luchford, the photographer behind this illustrative imagery, was said to find inspiration for the shoot a movement known as Northern Soul.

Photo: Glen Luchford

Northern Soul took place in 1960s London. According to BBC, the social movement was a music scene" that "exploded with the first 'all-nighter' at the Wigan Casino nightclub in September 1973." It was an outlet for the youths, particular those of color, to let loose. The sounds of funk, disco and early hip-hop served as the soundtrack.

Photo: Glen Luchford

Seeing these marvelous images, it's easy to see the parallels. Check out the other pictures here.