Major moves are happening in Haiti!

The Global Startup Ecosystem is an organization with the goal of accelerating startups from emerging markets. The group has announced that they will be hosting major summits in developing countries across the globe over the next 13 years.

Haiti will be the first host.

The inaugural event, which will be on Decameron Beach in partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Tourism, was announced on the eve of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake anniversary. The big announcement was shared by over 423,000 supporters within 24 hours.

Ben Horowitz (co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz) will kick off the summit with a keynote address entitled: "To Create Culture, Start a Revolution."

His talk will be followed by series of panel speakers from influencers who have launched startups in Haiti, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Other noteworthy speakers will include Vicky Jeudy from Netflix's Orange is the New Black and the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise. 

The summit has attracted 100 global speakers from over 18 different countries. Speakers will represent top companies such as Google, Airbnb, Tech Stars, Singularity, MasterCard, Github, Dropbox and more.

"Haiti is not open for business," Haiti Tech Summit founder Christine Souffrant Ntim said via a press release, "Haiti is open for disruption."

In addition to running the summit, Ntim is an award-winning Haitian-American entrepreneur, startup ecosystem expert and founder of Vendedy. The summit, she says will "reframe the possibilities available to global startups in Haiti," helping Haitian companies to"be prepared to scale your product globally in emerging markets."

Sounds good to us! If you'll be in Haiti from June 6-7, check it out. You can find more information on the Haiti Tech Summit website.