nullDespite mostly negative reviews, what many may not realize is that Halle Berry’s last theatrical release, the thriller, The Call, quietly grossed just about $52 million. That may not seem like much, nor is that what you’d call a blockbuster figure, but keep in mind that this is a film that cost only $13 million

In Tyler Perry’s Lionsgate world, where you’ll find similar cost/gross ratios, that’s considered a hit! 

And, by the way, the $52 million doesn’t include international receipts either.

If Halle can stay in that “sweet spot” – low budget, quadruple box office – with the occasional blockbuster, I think she’ll be just fine, and may find herself able to get more low budget films greenlit.

Like this one – a comedy titled Mother, that’s just been announced, and is set to go into production early next year.

To be produced by Berry’s manager Vincent Cirrincione and Emilio Ferrari, with financing coming from Ferrari’s Entertainment 7 shingle, via FCM Capital PartnersMother tells the story of a bride who leaves her mobster fiancée at the altar and has to go on the run. She pretends to be the mother of a young man (hence the title), where she plans to hide out, to prevent capture. But, of course, things don’t all go as planned, and her wild and crazy nature, threatens to expose her, and turn her plans upside-down.

Not only will Berry star as the bride, she will also co-produce the film.

No director is attached to the project yet. And no word on who else will join Halle in front of the camera.

Up next for her, catch her reprising her role as Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past next year.