It's been over a year since some of us were able to attend an in-person basketball game and a viral unexpected showdown between an HBCU president and a graduate student is more than making up for lost times.  

On Tuesday, Virginia State University student Afolabi Oyeneyin posted a video to Twitter of his university president showing him up during a brief one-on-one basketball game. 

The video starts off with Oyeneyin showing folks on campus he's got game -- until he meets his match. 

Cue in Virginia State University president Makola Abdullah who not only settled the score, but annihilated the 24-year-old graduate student. 

After dominating the campus court, Oyeneyin approached Abdullah who was casually coming down the steps wearing a suit, and that’s when the university president effortlessly took possession of the ball. 

Abdullah subsequently took off his suit jacket then bounced the ball off of Oyeneyin’s forehead. The two continued to engage, and moments later, Abdullah comes in hot with a smooth cross-up.